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Laminated Pouches


Our Latest solvent less lamination is fully imported from Italy, with speed up to 350 mtrs/mins.
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of laminated pouches & rolls, stand up pouches, Zipper bags, Slider runner bags, 3 side seal, 2 side seal, gazette pouches, side gazette pouch, bottom gazette pouch, Loop handle bags and many more...

Bopp Rolls

Laminated Rolls & Pouches is one of the excellent packaging solution is today’s world. Clients can provide their designs which is required to be printed on these pouches to make them look more attractive to the customers. Various option and suggestion can be provided to customers, while in the process to improve the final design of the products.

If you are dealing with the FMCG products then Printed Laminated Rolls & Pouches are your best options for packaging. These pouches can be sealed from all the sides to safeguard the products properly from moisture. The laminated pouches can withstand different temperatures and are tamper proof as well.  

A critical part of the flexible packaging process for any buyer is choosing the correct material for their products.  We have vast experience with many types of films and materials used for flexible packaging products.

Different types of materials available to select from:-
I) PET                     II) CPP                   III) BOPP              IV) METPET              V) LDPE                  VI) METBOPP

Apart from the food industry, the printed laminated rolls & pouches are suitable for cosmetics & toiletries, soap wrappers pharmaceutical packaging products, detergent products, agriculture products like fertilizers & pesticides and various other products to name.

Different types of pouches: